Frequently asked questions

Security and well being

Is your camp subjected to any requirements, norms or accreditations ?

The Ranch Massawippi is a certified member of the Association des camps du Québec as well as of the Quebec Equestrian Federation and its EquiQuality programme, and abides by many norms and requirements concerning security, health-hygiene, responsibility policies, personnel training, counselors/kids ratio, food (approved menus by a dietician), etc.

Moreover, the camp has recently been classified 4 stars on 4 by Tourisme Québec and the organism emitted to us an exploitation permit. Furthermore, we make it our duty to follow all government norms related to buildings and stretches of water.

What about safety ?

Our camper’s safety is of prime importance. Therefore, our personnel are well trained and have to follow each and every security rules clearly established for all the camp’s activities. All those activities can only be done under the supervision of our counselors, and are always kept under key otherwise.
All swimming pool activities are supervised by a certified lifeguard. Life jackets are mandatory in all our nautical activities such as canoeing, raw boating, log boating and rafting on the river or the lake.
For horseback riding, the camp ensure a ratio of three kids aged between 7 and 10 years old and a maximum of five students by instructor for older ones which ensure an excellent supervision and maximum security.

Our campers are constantly under the supervision of our counselors, 24 hours a day. An emergency plan is also in place and there is a practice every first day of camp for all the personnel and the campers.

Are the owners present on the camp ?

The owners, Mr. Guy Mercier, Mrs. Louise Guillemette and their daughter Julie Mercier are very mindful of the safety and well being of the children campers and they are personally involved in the supervision of the daily activities, in collaboration with their management team. Moreover, Mercier’s family lives on site.

Who are your counselors ?

Supervision and safety at all times are of prime importance. Thus, our employees is carefully chosen: they have to be competent and to love children; furthermore, they have to provide relevant references as well as a police certificate stating that the applicant has no judicial records incompatible with work with children.

All of our counselors are College or University students and many are former campers. They are between 18 and 25 years old and wish to live and experience with children.

A 60 hours training session covering all aspects of their jobs (Supervision and Safety, children’s Psychology, Animation, Hygiene, First Aid, Rules, camp’s Philosophy and Mission, etc…) is mandatory to prepare them to all their responsibilities. They also receive coaching from experienced Counselors and they must succeed a written exam.

What is the counselors/kids ratio ?

The supervision and the safety of all campers are our first priorities. A great team of 60 people (General Manager, Camp Master, Coordinators, First aid Counselor, Secretaries, Cooks, Maintenance Personnel as well as 45 Counselors) are dedicated to ensure the welfare of our 120 weekly campers.

Is there any first aid personnel on the camp ?

Yes. A first aid counselor is permanently on the camp, and is available 24 hours per day. All medication is kept under key in the infirmary and the first aid counselor is responsible to administer them in accordance with parent’s instructions. A log of your child’s health is continuously kept up to date.

The hospital as well as several medical centers are located within 10 minutes from the Ranch. We will inform you as quickly as possible should your child require medical attention during his stay.

What about food and meals ?

One of our priorities at camp is to eat well. Thus, the meals are diversified, well-balanced are approved by a dietician in regard of the energetic needs of the ranchers. Our cooks, mostly grand-mothers and mothers, proudly and carefully prepare homemade meals that the children will enjoy.

Two are snacks, one in the afternoon and another one in the evening.

My child is allergic to certain food. Can he/she still ggo to your camp ?

In order to better serve the allergic campers, we take great care to remove the food they cannot eat from our menu. They will be replaced by something just as nutritive.

Obviously, the help of the parents is mandatory.

What about the children hygiene ?

All the group counselors have the responsibility to make sure that all children brush their teeth, wash their hands before each meal, shower themselves regularly following the schedule of each group.

Is there any laundry service at the camp ?

It is very important to foresee enough clothes for the total duration of your child’s stay because they don’t have access to the laundry service. However, if your child has to stay on the camp for more than one session we will do his laundry if necessary.

What are the personal belongings to bring to the camp ?

Please click here to view the list of clothes and personal belongings to bring.

What kind of accommodation do you have ?

The camp has been classified 4 stars on 4 by Tourisme Québec, thus recognizing the top quality of our installations and the cleanness of our site. No less than 12 dormitories have been developed on the camp and are along the Yamaska River. The campers are divided in small groups of 8 to 16 children depending on the age and the sex, and each group has its own and comfortable dormitory. Obviously, their counselor is also living with them in the same cabin during all the camp, and a minimum of two counselors ensure the supervision throughout the night.

Our dormitories are very clean, well kept and they all have many windows, thus good ventilation and a better comfort for the children during the night. Each and every cabin is very safe, and is thus equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and emergency lights in case of electric failure.

Our campers also find it very neat to have all the sanitary installations (toilets and washbasins) inside their cabin, avoiding going out during night. Click here to have a quick look at one of our dormitory.

At what time do the kids get up and go to the bed ?

The kids rise each morning between 7h00 and 8h00. They have the opportunity, if they wish so, to participate with the instructors at the feeding of the horses and all the farm animals.

The younger campers go to bed around 8h30 p.m. (7 to 10 years old) and the older ones between 9h00 – 9h30 p.m., in order to have a good night sleep after a long day full of activity.

Horseback riding

Who will be giving the horseback riding lessons ?

A team composed of 15 certified instructors by the Canadian and Quebec Equestrian Federation gives the lessons to students of all levels; beginners, intermediates and experts. The team is under the supervision of the certified chef/trainer who makes sure of the quality of the lessons and the general good operations of the equestrian sector.

Moreover, the Ranch Massawippi offers a complementary training to its personnel thus ensuring a good quality teaching to all the riders of the camp.

How much time is allowed to equestrian activities ?

Depending on the chosen option, the campers will be riding one or two hours a day. In addition to the practical lessons, the young riders will learn diverse equestrian techniques with their instructors, thus gaining more knowledge on the daily care of horses, equipment, food, etc.

They will also have the opportunity to go to the stable and take care of their favorite horse. Also, they will have the chance to go and help the instructors feed the horses and all the farm animals.

Are the kids grouped by equestrian levels for the lessons ?

Absolutely. There is an evaluation taking place the first day of camp related to the equestrian abilities of all campers. Throughout this evaluation, we regroup kids of the same level in the same courses.

What is « Equestrian Plus » ?

This option gives your child the opportunity to have additional riding lessons… what a good idea to make his/her stay even more enjoyable!

What is « Passionate riders » ?

The “Passionate Riders” stays are targeted to those who desire to be around horses all day long. It is a diversified equestrian immersion program that will surpass your expectations by improving your current skills and knowledge.

What is the instructors/kids ratio in the horseback riding lesson ?

Our ratio is of 3 students per instructor for beginners aged between 7 and 10 years old and of 4 to 5 students per instructor for older riders, thus ensuring maximum security and a consistent improvement of skills.


What about arrival and departure time ?

The arrival at camp is scheduled to 7 pm. Departures are either between 3h30 to 4h30pm, depending on the session.

Our dynamic team is anxious to welcome you and to share its joie de vivre.

Is there any special activity at the end of the camp ?

The last day of camp has a special activity scheduled: fair games, horseback riding demonstration or horse show. The schedule of the day will be given to you when you will bring your child at camp. Family and friends are welcome to that special activity.

How may I communicate with my child during camp or have news of him ?

Our campers have no access to the phone, unless for special reasons, we recommend that you communicate with the camp secretariat and it will be our pleasure to give you all the news concerning your child’s integration and his general behavior. A daily report is written by our camp chief who often meets the counselors of each group to make sure of the well being of everyone.

You may also write to your child by mail, or give us your letters at the time of your arrival and we will hand them to the child at the indicated dates. The mail distribution is done everyday at the time of the daily gathering, early each evening.

Can friend request to be in the same group ?

Friends (of the same sex) can be assigned the same group and dormitory if requested at registration time, provided their age group is the same.

Is there any rebate if there is more than one registration from the same family ?

A $50 rebate is offered for any additional child from the same family.

Can parents come and visit their child during camp ?

The Ranchers being constantly in activity with their friends, we believe that, unless for special reasons, it is better not to receive any visit in order to stay focus on the camp life and to live totally the Ranch Massawippi’s fabulous experience.