School outings

A recreational outing where outdoors and fun go hand in hand!

Every year, Ranch Massawippi welcomes several students as part of its nature-walk class and nature class programs. This is a unique opportunity for children and teachers to live a both educational and recreational experience, on a enchanting resort of 200 acres! Our dynamic staff will entertain your group to make your school trip memorable!

Nature-Walk class

An exciting day in the outdoors awaits you! Following your registration, you will have the choice from the multitude of activities offered by the Ranch, such as: introduction to horseback riding, visit of the farm and stable, water sports, obstacle course in the forest, archery, Indian fort, canoeing, rafting, pitoune, BMX. Different activities are available and adapted according to the groups’ age.

  • $21,95 + tax per person (group of 18 or more)
  • 2 guides per group (free)

Nature class

The nature class includes an overnight stay, and the length can vary from 2 to 5 days. This stays allows a privileged contact with horses, nature and other farm animals. This outing will certainly capture the interest of children, while developing their equestrian abilities and knowledge of horses and farm animals care.

Furthermore, the children will benefit from the multitude of outdoor activities offered by the camp while meeting academic objectives.

Our dynamic and well-trained instructors will share their passion for horses and nature. They will help you achieve your goals and help forge new links within the group.